Cogno: Deep Worlds™

Age Range:
    7 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Board Game
    Educational Skills Product
 DoubleStar / Cogno: Deep Worlds™
Based on the multiple award-winning Cogno: The Alien Adventure Game™, Cogno: Deep Worlds™ encourages strategy, luck and critical thinking…this time, in a race around an ancient alien ocean! Players traverse ever-changing DiveZone environments, a giant whirlpool, an alien squid and a mysterious, dark trench! Deep Worlds plays by the same rules as the original Cogno game, but introduces a completely different (underwater) visual environment, all new “Gear,” and Cogno and his friends, who are the game pieces, even wear diving equipment! Most importantly, Deep Worlds provides all new science content—260 new thought-provoking space and science questions, and an all new Book of Y to explain the answers (for the curious). During their alien game piece’s journey through the ocean, players win fuel cells by answering simple but mind-bending true/false and multiple choice questions. Written so even a 7-year old can understand them and all of the content is reviewed by scientists at NASA and The SETI Institute. Boys and girls love Cogno, and they don’t need to know anything about science to play!

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