4 - 12
Construction Toy
Creative Product
Educational Skills
Fantasy Play
Tinker Minds / Aerobloks™
These colorful blocks make up a unique modular, life-size inflatable construction play set that your child will enjoy. Ergonomically engineered for children, the blocks meet safety tests and are sturdy to ensure consistently solid looks and feel. Brilliant semi-transparent colors allow your little builder to immerse in magical fantasy worlds. Each block is built with heavy gauge vinyl and measures 22” per side and 5” thick when fully inflated. They feature a Velcro® design with flap connectors that enable quick connectivity and tension adjustment. Their bases are triply reinforced against accidental tearing.

There are lots of possibilities with these versatile blocks as they provide total mobility. Your child will engage in the learning process as they develop fine and gross motor skills, communication, physical activity, problem-solving skills, imagination, creativity and essential skills of life. They also have the ability to help children with disabilities. Aerobloks™ can be inflated, built, deflated and transported in minutes. Applications include free to structured play, imaginary adventures, real life situations, stages for school plays and role-playing arenas. The starter set comes with 5 colorful square blocks in red, yellow, purple and green that build 9 play structures. It comes complete with an electric air pump and detailed directions for three basic building techniques. Easy to follow building plans and otional electric air pump are available from the website.

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