3D Pool Game Table
6 - 12
Active Toy
Zocker Toys / 3D Pool Game Table
This is a fun 3D Pool Game Table that features both horizontal and vertical game play. The game is similar to pool in that a player wins the game by hitting balls into the pockets. The difference is that there are three levels, two cue balls and eight game balls (4 game balls each). The goal is to use your cue ball to send your game balls down to the bottom pockets first. The exciting part of the multi-level table is that balls can be hit up or down to different levels with very little effort. The table requires no tools to assemble and snaps together on all corners of each level to make the table very sturdy. The 3D Pool Table is made with the most durable materials with wooden cue sticks, professional quality billiard balls, durable fabric table surface and impact resistant plastic. The table can be disassembled easily and compacts down into a 28.75x18.25x8 box. When assembled the table is 36x25x22H (21 lbs) and can be played on the floor, coffee table or kitchen table. The rubber feet on the bottom of the table not only keep the table from sliding around during play and protect table surfaces from scratches but are also set inward to reduce the table surface size required to hold up the pool table to be as small as 31x19. The 3D Pool Table is designed for children eight and up and is a fun game that the whole family will enjoy playing together. The game constantly changes with your skill and strategy and the compact size is great for smaller spaces.

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