Water Darts
3 - 12
Active Toy
Outdoor Play
Zocker Toys / Water Darts
The Zocker Water Dart Set comes with four foam darts and two inflatable rings that sit above the water. The inflatable rings have removable targets in the middle of the rings for multiple modes of game play, as well as for varying the difficulty. The darts are designed to fly straight and accurately and are built for durability. Players can set up targets, use the rings as goals or play inline target games. The Water Dart Set can also be used on land, by placing them on lawns, picnic tables or beaches. Filling up the bottom ballast tanks with water keeps the targets in the upright position at all times. The inflatable rings are 24 high and are made up of two inflatable bladders and one water ballast tank. The darts are made of a polyurethane closed cell foam that does not soak up water like other foam balls. On the bottom of the inflatable ring is a plastic connector to tie down the rings from floating away. The removable targets have easy snap connectors that make putting on and taking off the targets quick and easy.

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