What Makes a Good Toy?

Toys are an important part of every child's life. It is a wonderful feeling to give the right toy. Selecting one that's a hit is a challenge. With more than 300,000 toys and childrens products choices can be overwhelming. Keep in mind these points before you buy any gift for your child. Think about your child's age, skills, needs and specific interests. Select the toy or other product that fits your child now. Ask, Can my child benefit from this product? Will it help him learn a skill? Will she enjoy it and have fun? What abilities does he or she need to make the most of the toy?

Select toys that offer a good balance to your childs activities. A good variety of toys provide activity, creativity and learning. Activity toys develop coordination, improve small and large motor skills and balance. Begin with balls and beanbags, add a trike, bike, and skates. Jump ropes, Hula Hoops and kites are fun. Check if your child is ready for the activity and knows the safety rules.

Creativity toys stimulate self-expression. The child can draw pictures with crayons, finger-paints and watercolors. Put your childs pictures up on a wall so others can admire his or her art work. Your child will find clay and PlayDoh fun. Crafts sets provide a lot of play value.

Learning takes place in many ways. Books, tapes, software, CDs, puzzles and board games all contribute. The child needs to read books as well as software. Take time to read stories together. Talk about programs watched on TV. Play games and do puzzles. Family Time will be more fun if you find new things to do and balance activities. The right toy at the right time can make a big difference.

Let's play!

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