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How to Raise a Child With a High PQ (Play Quotient)

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Chapter One from Dr.Toy's Smart Play:  The Importance of Toys

Axline, Virginia M.
Play Therapy
ISBN 0-345-30335-0
New York, Ballantine, 1990
374 pgs.

Technical book on play therapy.

Caplan, Frank; Caplan, Theresa.
The Power of Play

ISBN 0-385-09935-5
Garden City, NY, Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1974 334 pgs.  - Out of Print -

Play's implications for body-building, learning and personality.

Out of Print

Cherry, Clare
Creative Play for the Developing Child- Early Lifehood Education Through Play
ISBN 0-8224-1632-8
Belmont, CA, Fearon Publishers, Inc., 1976 260 pgs.  - Out of Print -

Setting up a creative environment for play and development.

Out of Print

Garvey, Catherine.
ISBN 0-674-67361-1
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1977 133 pgs.   - Out of Print -

Discusses various aspects of play: interaction, motion and objects.

Out of Print

Goleman, Daniel.
Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ
ISBN 0-553-09503-X
New York, Bantam Books, 1995
352 pgs.

Description of emotional intelligence, literacy and importance of recognizing them.

Piaget, Jean.
Dreams and Imitation in Childhood
ISBN 0-393-00171-7
New York, W.W. Norton & Co., 1962
296 pgs.

Technical book on child development.

Sponseller, Doris (Ed.).
Play as a Learning Medium
ISBN 0-912674-42-3
Washington, DC, NAEYC, 1979
123 pgs.   - Out of Print -

Play as learning, education, recreation, skill building and drama.

Out of Print

Strom, Robert D.
Growing Through Play: Readings for Parents
ISBN 0-8185-0423-4
Monterey, CA, Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., 1981 239 pgs.    - Special Order -

Book presents research results on play: solitary, peer, dominion, parent-child.

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Chapter Two: Baby Play

Aston, Athina.
How to Play with Your Baby
ISBN 0-914788-73-6
Charlotte, NC, The East Woods Press, 1983
120 pgs.   - Out of Print -

Using interactions with baby as play, giving child a view of the world as a good place.

Out of Print

Eisenberg, Arlene; Murkoff, Heidi E., Hathaway, B.S.N., Sandee E.
What to Expect the First Year
ISBN 0-89480-577-0
New York, Workman Publishing, 1989
672 pgs

Infant development,care, addresses both physical and emotional needs of the whole family.

Badger, Earladeen Ph.D.
Introducing Your Child to the Joy of Learning -- Infant/Toddler
ISBN 0-07-530334-5
Instructo/McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1981
144 pgs   - Out of Print -

Toys and materials stress eye-hand coordination, visual following.

Out of Print

Lansky, Vicki.
Games Babies Play: From Birth to Twelve Months
ISBN 0-916773-33-7
The Book Peddlers, 1993
98 pgs.

Games for infants progress up to one year.

Jones, Sandy; Freitag, Werner.
Guide to Baby Products (6th edition)
ISBN 0-89043-918-4
Yonkers, NY, Consumer Reports Books, 1999
301 pgs

Up-to-date information on safety, convenience, comfort, and durability.

Siberg, Jackie.
Games to Play with Babies
ISBN 0-87659-162-4
Mt. Rainier, MD, Gryphon House, Inc., 1993
286 pgs

Games for parents to play with babies by type for growth, learning.

Ulene, M.D., Art; Shelov, M.D., Steven.
Discovery Play: Loving and Learning with Your Baby
ISBN 1-56975-012-2
Berkeley, Ulysses Press, 1994
226 pgs

Activities to stimulate and assist your child.

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Chapter Three: Toddler

Adcock, Don; Segal, Marilyn.
Play and Learn From Two to Three Years (Volume 3)
ISBN 0-916392-52-X
La Jolla, CA, Oak Tree Publications, Inc., 1980
150 pgs. - Out of Print -

Stresses development of sense of self, social competence and playing with others.

Out of Print

Sparling, Joseph; Lewis, Isabelle
Learning Games for the First Three Years: A Guide to Parent/Child Play
ISBN 0-8027-7239-0
New York, Walker and Company, 1984
226 pgs. - Out of Print -

100 games, grouped in six-month age spans. Games stress self-image, language, creativity.

Out of Print

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Chapter Four: Preschooler


Britton, Lesley.
Montessori Play and Learn: A Parents Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six
ISBN 0-517-59182-0
New York, Crown Publishers, Inc., 1992
144 pgs.

Activities, games, supplement preschool learning, explains Montessori method and how to use it

Caplan, Theresa; Caplan, Frank.
The Early Childhood Years: The 2 to 6 Year Old
ISBN 0-553-24496-5
New York, Bantam Books, 1984
546 pgs.

Child development review.

Gee, Robyn; Meredity, Sue
Entertaining & Educating Your Preschool Child
ISBN 0-74-60013-39
EDC Publishing, 1993
96 pgs.

Hundreds of play ideas for adults and children to share.

Hamilton, Leslie.
Child's Play Around the World: 170 Crafts, Games, & Projects for 2-6 Year Olds
ISBN 0-399-52208-5
New York, The Berkley Publishing Group, 1996
224 pgs.

Instructions, drawings, about crafts & games from all over the world.

Rogers, Fred; Head, Barry.
Mister Rogers' Playbook: Insights & Activities for Parents & Children
ISBN 1-56619-312-5
New York, Barnes & Noble Books, 1986
251 pgs. - Out of Print -

335 games and projects to bring parents & children together.

Out of Print

Stone, Sandra J.
Playing: A Kid's Curriculum
ISBN 0-673-36041-5
Glenview, IL, Scott Foresman, 1993
234 pgs.

Describes hands-on experience, with commonplace materials. Covers ages 2 to 6.

Which Toy for Which Child: A Consumer's Guide for Selecting Suitable Toys, Ages Birth Through Five

Washington, DC, US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1993
28 pgs. - Out of Print -

Outline of children's abilities and interests, followed by toy lists.

Out of Print

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Chapter Five: Primary Schooler

Britz-Creceliou, Heidi.
Children at Play: Using Waldorf Principles to Foster Development
ISBN 0-89281-629-5
Rochester, VT, Park Street Press, 1996
136 pgs.

Significance of a child's play in shaping the child's humanity

Which Toy for Which Child: A Consumer's Guide for Selecting Suitable Toys, Ages Six Through Twelve
US Consumer Product Safety Commission 1994
Washington, DC 20207
13 pgs. - Out of Print -

Outline of children's abilities and interests, followed by toy lists.

Out of Print

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Chapter Six: Older


Hamilton, Leslie.

Child's Play: 160 Instant Activities, Crafts & Science Projects
ISBN 0-517-58354-2
New York, Crown Publishers, Inc., 1991
206 pgs.

Activities for children from 6 to 12.

Sarquis, Jerry L.; Sarquis, Mickey; Williams, John P.
Teaching Chemistry with Toys: Activites for Grades K-9
ISBN: 0070647224
Blue Ridge Summit, PA, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1995
296 pgs.

Uses ordinary materials to teach chemistry.

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Chapter Seven: Special Needs


Lear, Roma.
More Play Helps: Play Ideas for Children with Special Needs
ISBN 0-433-00106-2
Oxford, Heinemann Medical Books, 1990
212 pgs. - Out of Print -

Toys to help children with specialized needs (physical, psychological, emotional).

Out of Print

Sue Schwartz, Joan Miller
The Language of Toys: Teaching Communication Skills to Special-Needs Children
ISBN 0-933149-08-5
Rockville, MD, Woodbine House, 1988
280 pgs. - Out of Print -

Shows parents & teachers how to use toys to create activities for language development.

Out of Print

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Chapter Eight: Play Power


Erickson, Donna
Prime Time Together with Kids
Minn.,Mn., Augsburg Fortress. 1989.
128 pp.

Many activities for year round fun for all ages.

Evans, Story, and Lise O'Hare
Travel Mates: Fun Games
ISBN 0-517-88760-6
New York, NY Crown Trade Paperback, 1997
95 pp

Easy to follow games for children to play without needing anything else

Parent Council Report On Products

Richardson, TX, Parent Council, 1993
134 pgs. - Out of Print -

Reviews of books, audio,video, learning aids, software, parenting materials; thorough indexes

Out of Print

Rivkin, Mary S.
The Great Outdoors: Restoring Children's Right to Play Outside
ISBN 0-935989-71-4
Washington, DC, NAEYC, 1995
105 pgs.

Technical book on outside playgrounds and areas including community efforts.

Rogers, Cosby S.; Sawyers, Janet K.
Play in the Lives of Children
ISBN 0-935989-09-9
Washington, DC,National Association for the Education of Young Children,1990
136 pgs.

Discusses importance of self-paced, self-controlled play for children.

Rupp, Rebecca.
Good Stuff: Learning Tools for All Ages
ISBN 0-945097-20-4
Tonasket, WA, Home Education Press, 1993
389 pgs.

Recommendations for books, magazines, catalogs, audio, video programs, games, music sources.

Sher, Barbara.
Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things
ISBN 1-55850-406-0
Holbrook, MA, Bob Adams, Inc., 1994
309 pgs.

700 activities using common items in the house for motor skills, cooperation.

Thompson, Susan Conklin.
Natural Materials: Creative Activities for Children
ISBN 0-673-36033-4
Glenview, IL, Scott Foresman, 1993
185 pgs.

Make unusual toys -- cornhusk dolls plus wallpaper, pretzels and sand paintings.

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Chapter Nine: Play Everywhere

Weston, Denise Chapman; Weston, Mark S.
Playwise: 365 Activities for Building Character
ISBN 0-87477-808-5
New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1996
282 pgs.

Activities to help instill basic virtues and emotional intelligence in children

Weston, MSW, Denise Chapman; Weston, MSW, Mark S.
Playful Parenting: Turning the Dilemma of Discipline into Fun & Games
ISBN 0-87477-734-8
New York, The Putnam Publishing Group, 1993
270 pgs.

Shows parents & parents can have fun while resolving a wide range of behavior problems.

Blakey, Scott.
ISBN 0-06-273168-8
New York, Harper Perennial, 1995
333 pgs.

Categorizes videos into topics, divides them into age groups; information on companies.

Milton Chen.
The Smart Parent's Guide to Kids' TV
ISBN 0-912333-47-2
San Francisco, KQED Books. 1995
209 pgs.

Balancing TV's influence on behavior & beliefs, limiting TV, avoiding effects of violence.

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Chapter Ten: Play Power

Gardner, Howard
Multiple Intelligences
ISBN 0-465-01822-x
New York, Basic Books. 1993
304 pgs.

Children learn through different styles and adults need to be aware of these styles.

Klugman, Edgar (Ed.).
Play, Policy and Practice
ISBN 1-884834-11-6
St. Paul, MN, Redleaf Press, 1995
218 pgs.

Presents influential thinking of article writers who train early childhood professionals.

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