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Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child with a High PQ by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312180896
292 pages 1st edition (February 1998)

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  • Dr. Stevanne Auerbach really understands children, play and toys. This book is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers and everyone who works and plays with children.

    Michael B. Rothenberg, MD.
    Professor Emeritus Psychiatry
    & Behavioral Sciences and Pediatrics
    University of Washington,
    School of Medicine
    Co-author, Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care (1985, 1992)

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is a very comprehensive book, easy to read for parents and very useful for professionals. Beyond the use of toys and play I would celebrate the attention Dr. Toy gives to family relationships of children's quality of life turning parents into "Play Tutors"-the play guardians of their children.

    Nilda G. Cosco
    Director, Lekotek
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is a fabulous read. It will help both parents and marketers gain keen insights into the importance and selection of a child's playthings.

    Gene Del Vecchio
    Senior Partner, Director of Planning & Research,
    Ogilvy & Mather
    Author of "Creating Ever Cool, A Marketer's Guide to a Kid's Heart"

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  • Play, especially active, creative, and educational play, helps children develop such basic social and academic skills as concentration, problem solving, communication, and cooperation. Factors such as safety, durability, flexibility, and age appropriateness complicate the challenge parents face in choosing the right toys for their children at the right time. Auerbach applies her scientific but not preachy expertise to that challenge. She relies as much on common sense and parenting insight as on scholarly research to suggest toys ranging from brooms and plastic cups to books and watercolors to amuse, stimulate, and activate children. Individual chapters describe developmental progress from infancy through age 12, advising age-appropriate toys and products as well as items for children with special needs. For backup to the book, Auerbach, familiar to many for her syndicated column, "Dr. Toy," maintains a Web site for toy evaluation. (ISBN 0-312-18089-6).

    Kathryn Carpenter
    American Library Association, Feb. 15, 1998

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is the best tool out there for parents, grandparents,teachers and anyone else with children in their lives. It's a quick and entertaining read, packed full of valuable information and ideas dealing with childhood development. I've quoted from it in Baby Magazine and Parenting, and I won't hesitate to use it again when I write another article about children and their toys. My only regret is this book wasn't around when my kids were young

    JJ Despain, journalist

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  • Play truly is the work of childhood. Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy) offers both practical advice and subtle insights for parents on how they can help their children make the most of play without spending a lot of money. This is really useful stuff!

    Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D.
    Child Behavior Columnist
    Parent's Magazine

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is a must-have reference for any parent. It applies a wealth of vital knowledge on how toys can enhance the intellectual development and growth of children. "Smart Play" is hands-on, and fun!

    Alexandra Tornek
    Parent/infant researcher

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is a great guide for anyone searching for the right toy for creative play, building developmental skills or for just plain fun. Its easy to use and well organized. Invaluable!

    Alice Bergman
    West Side Kids Toy Store (ASTRA member)
    New York City, NY

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  • Stevanne Auerbach takes a hands-on, practical approach that demonstrates to parents how best to select good toys and foster the benefits of developmentally-consistent play with their children. Moreover, this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights...especially for those of us who shape and influence toys of the future!

    Moss Kardener,Consultant
    Marketing & Product Development
    Oakland, California

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  • The first book to explain exactly how and why children play as they do at various stages of their lives, "Dr. Toy's Smart Play" should be required reading for product designers, inventors and toy developers. Presented in a friendly, easy-to-read fashion, we need this information to truly understand how the products we create are used by parents and children alike. This book would make a great text for those in toy biz.

    Joel Delman
    Product Developer,
    Chicago, IL

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play Everything you want to know, but more important-what you need to know.

    Vicki Lansky, author of: "Feed Me I'm Yours" and..
    "Games Babies Play and Practical Tips for Years 1-5"

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  • A great resource for this grandma who is always looking for special toys and activities. All children are special and this book addresses this specialness by helping adults appreciate the wonders of play.

    Helen Webber
    San Raphael, CA

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  • As a busy working parent this book is useful, practical and a much needed resource. It is well planned, valuable and must have resource to use year after year.

    Kim Thompson
    President, Twin Sisters Productions
    Akron, Ohio

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  • Dr. Toy's Smart Play is a remarkable book. Although it is addressed to the parent (a child's first teacher) it will also contribute greatly to the teaching skills of teachers and child care workers. Dr. Auerbach includes an excellent overview of development beginning with infants through age twelve. Her resources are carefully chosen and well documented. As a long time educator I strongly recommend this book. Play is a child's work and Dr. Toy details how a knowledge of and involvement in play can enhance a child's growth in all areas. I urge you to read this important, wonderful and insightful book.

    Dr. Betty Halpern
    Professor Emeritus
    Sonoma State University,CA

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  • Smart Play + Smart Parents = Smart Kids. Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. writes with the rare power of original analysis. Smart Play is the most significant, thorough and thoughtful book yet for parents wishing to match the right toy to the right stage of their child's early development. Follow Dr. Toy's prescription for a happy and skill building childhood.

    Richard C. Levy
    Toy Inventor & Author
    Inside Santa's Workshop &
    The Inventor's Desktop Companion

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  • Even before Frederich Froebel invented the kindergarten and popularized the slogan of "Come, let us live with our children" during the 1840's, philosophers and wise parents recognized the importance of play. Developmental psychologists have emphasized its importance throughout the twentieth century. Recent Scientific discoveries about physical changes in the brain when babies and young children are intellectually stimulated now validate this old idea. We recognize that school readiness begins at birth and that family members are the best possible Play Tutors. There are incredible opportunities, but a lot of confusing alternatives. I'm delighted to know that Dr. Toy's Smart Play will be available to guide parents. It is filled with informed wisdom, inexpensive suggestions and ideas for a lot of fun. Enjoy!

    Dorothy W. Hewes, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Child and Family Development
    San Diego State University, CA

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  • Dr. Auerbach's new book, Dr. Toy's Smart Play, helps parents separate the wheat from the chaff in today's toy market. Research on brain growth and development in early childhood makes clear that stimulating learning experiences are critical in the first five years. This well-researched book shows parents and other care providers how to chose toys with lasting value and educational content and make the most of their children's playthings.

    Gina Moreland
    Board President
    Habitot Children's Museum
    Berkeley, CA

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  • In Dr. Toy's Smart Play Dr. Auerbach draws on her many years of experience as a teacher, child development specialist, parent educator, syndicated columnist, author of books and, of course, parent and grandparent to bring together this inclusive, wise, clear book which provides excellent information based on her thorough understanding of both children and adults.

    Edgar Klugman
    Early Childhood Care and Education
    Wheelock College, Boston, Mass

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  • There is only one definitive source on quality children's products and that is Dr. Toy. She is informed, knowledgeable and experienced. Her new book, Dr. Toy's Smart Play, provides answers to often asked questions. Every parent and teacher should have a copy. It's an invaluable resource.

    Shannon Tobin
    President & CEO
    Children's Interactive Expo

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  • The High PQ in Stevanne Auerbach’s title refers to play quotient, as necessary in our lives as the more often acclaimed "high IQ." Although this book is about children’s development through play and toys, Dr. Auerbach calls on us to remember some of our favorite toys of childhood and has provided a short list of questions to help recall our experiences and interactions with parents and friends. The toys and games we play with as youngsters can often lead to careers as adults. And as adults, play continues to help us relax, be creative and, yes, even think. While this book is about our children’s development we benefit by remembering how we used our toys and imaginations.

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