Dr. Toy: After School Fun
Our society seems to be based on the need for instant gratification. The media is filled with this message. If we want our children to develop into responsible, successful adults, they need to learn about delayed gratification.

After school children like to do a lot of different things. Often, homework is not one of them. You can help them learn valuable lessons about delayed gratification by providing something fun to do after their homework is completed. A great thing to do is take them on or arrange for trips or special activities. When you canŐt do special activities use these suggestions for sitters or for the times you are home with your child.

Puzzles, blocks, or building toys such as Legos offer fun and learning. Like games, they challenge the child, develop thinking strategy and are a great way to have fun. Blocks made by Didax can be used for homework, keep track of chores and much more. You will discover many ways little blocks can help your child learn the value of math.

If your child is curious about science and wants to learn more telescopes, microscopes and computers offer a wide range of stimulating activities. Be sure to review the proper usage of sensitive equipment of any kind with your child so they will be prepared to use it correctly. You can obtain pointers from Tasco on the care of delicate equipment.

A good variety of interesting, fun and challenging after school activities are included in these products selected from Dr. Toy's 100 Best:

Ready for Math Kit - Didax Educational Resources (4-8, $19.95) 800-458-0024. Helps your child understand numbers with 100 interlocking, counting cubes and clever activity book. Your child discovers the "Trip Around Town" approach to learning counting, comparing, ordering and classifying.

My First Skills - Frank Schaffer Publications (3-7, $14.95) 800-421-5565 Four fun filled learning experiences in one box including colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers with 12 easy to hold pieces along with suggested activities.

Curvilinear - Learning Materials Workshop (3-8, $39.95) 800-693-7164. This set offers flexible, clear tubing along with blocks and dowels in natural wood and primary colors that allow child to curve, twist and compare.

Big Screen Microscope - Tasco (8-12, $99) 305-591-3670. This model offers expanded viewing or projection on a screen complete with slides and directions for proper usage plus other tools.

Magna Doodle 3-in-1 Play Center - Tyco (3-8, $30) 1-800-For-TYCO. Great new play center offers space for doodling, drawing and building. Three surfaces provide magic erase screen, smooth desk and a sturdy play center with 12 colorful blocks.

Faballoon Balloon Maker - Ohio Art(8-12, $26.93) 419-636-3141. Fabulous balloons turn into gifts, centerpieces or hanging decorations. Everything needed for 8 balloons plus pumping unit, wand, decorating pen, shredded paper and a color creativity guide. Great for birthdays.

Pict-A-Gons - Duncan (5-12, $12.00 ) 1-800-356-8396 Brightly colored interlocking hexagonal plastic pieces fit together easily. This picture building set can be snapped together to form pictures.

Learn to Read - Creative Teaching Press (4-8, $12.95) 800-444-4287. These books help parents teach their child to learn math. TheyŐre designed to make learning the basics easier.

Megascope - Wild Planet (5-10, $18.00) 800-247-6570. Great value for the young naturalist ready to explore the outdoors. Combines telescope and microscope. Includes collection bottles to closely examine (and then release) insects and other specimens.

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