Dr. Toy: Bugs

So many things are fascinating to children. Bugs are fascinating and fun to learn about in books, tapes, close-up or in building different constructions. Your child will find these products increase their fascination and knowledge about bugs as they create and use their imagination.

K'NEX Industries
Scorpion Master Set (ages 8-12 yrs.) $39.99.
800-KID KNEX (543-5639).
A 313 piece construction set with its own storage and carrying case. The set builds eight bugs including a Scorpion. It has pincers that are ready to open and close as he moves ahead. The other bugs will intrigue the child as the names are Pincer, Borer, Dragon Bug, Mega Tracker, Scanner, etc. The construction set comes with a new battery operated power pack to automate the collection. The instructions build exact replicas of energetic bugs.

Twin Sisters
I'd Like to be an Entomologist (ages 4-9 yrs.) $9.98,
800-248-TWINS (8946).
This product will help children explore the world of the biologist and the different work they do. Developed with an entomologist at the University of Akron the tape and book teaches children about insects and their importance. It also teaches about the different aspects of the work of an entomologist. This is a perfect tape to take along in the car. It will teach children about ants, honeybees,praying mantises, fireflies, ladybugs and butterflies. The tape includes 12 fun educational songs and the book is a perfect companion.

Uncle Milton Industries
Ant Farm Village (ages 6-12 yrs.) $24.00,
Uncle Milton has been famous for over 40 years for creating the original Ant Farm. Now the entire farm can be linked by an "antway" tube or stairs. The new product connects with a water feeder plus an "Ant Watcher's Guide" book. Children learn about the hard work of ants and their special functions in the insect world.

Wild Planet Toys
Bug Catcher (ages 5-10 yrs.) $6.00,
Part of a great collection of outdoor play tools this new product allows the child to easily collect and identify common bugs. The bug collecting set includes a quick and easy to use bug catcher plus a helpful booklet adds to the information. The Bugscope, gives a close up view of bugs while providing air holes and ways to feed them. Your young scientist will learn a lot while finding these items and outdoor exploration fascinating.

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