Dr. Toy: Crafts Fun

The pace of life has quickened. The video/technology age has accustomed our children to expect instant feedback. One result of this phenomenon is that children seldom learn important skills like creating with their own hands. Crafts are opportunities for learning patience, creativity and fun. Craft kits of all kinds provide a variety of choices to suit any child's interests. Start with basic, easy projects that your child can complete without becoming frustrated. You may find these projects provide excellent opportunities for you and your child to do together. Select items your child will find of interest and help them to learn to make something they will enjoy.

Among "Dr. Toy's Best Products" are basic construction sets that range from easy to complex.

K'NEX Playground Set (ages 6-10, $9.99) 800-KID-KNEX.
With this set your child can design and build a small playground complete with swing, teeter totter and merry go round. As the child gains proficiency in simple projects they will be ready to move to the more complex.

Discover the fun and potential of sand art. Sand Expressions, Crescent Cardboard Company (ages 5-12, $14.99) 800-595- 5544. Your child can make a map of the U.S.A. with colors and shapes. When completed, its suitable for framing and can be displayed in the child's room.

Your child can learn to create decorative floral items with Pastime Industries, Country Bouquet (ages 8-12, $44.99) 516- 588-8700. This set is complete with full instructions and contains everything the child needs to create a bouquet of flowers, vase is included. The results will please the young florist plus beautify their room. Remember: Crafts are enjoyed year round, add to the child's satisfaction and self-confidence and can develop interest that last a lifetime!

Dr. Toy responds to the mother of an 8 year daughter who is easily bored: Sometimes what seems to be boredom is fear of trying something new or fear of failure. Dr. Toy suggests selecting a craft project you can enjoy doing together. Once the child has learned how to do the basics and has completed a project with good results, she will feel better about herself. Then she will be more open to trying new things and exploring the adventure of play.

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