Dr. Toy: Dinosaur Play

Children love to play in different times of history. This is exciting adventure play that relies only on a few props. Children have been fascinated with dinosaurs for many years whether it be through talking about them, a movie, adventure play or a game. They are interested in the different kinds of dinosaurs and can often tell you a lot about these ancient reptiles. There are two products that will help your child learn more and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Earth Lore Natural History Products
I Dig Dinosaurs (ages 7-12 yrs.) $29.95,
This is a unique product. The child directly experiences digging for a dinosaur. This one in buried in Dinostone. There are 5 exact replica kits available. The kits come with tools (hammer, chisel and brush). The child finds the fossil made of hydrostone within the block of stone. They chip away until it is uncovered. Your child can actually experience what it is like to be a paleontologist. They can proudly display their find. They also learn a lot in the process. Designed by experts this is an educational experiences that is really different as the child uncovers a Tyrannosaurus teeth and claws. Skulls are available as separate pieces and can be assembled after the excavation. A fascinating new product full of learning potential.

Latz Chance Games
Survival or Extinction--The Dinosaur Game (ages 5-12 yrs.) $ 26.99,
Children are really interested in dinosaurs. This board game provides fun and learning for children at different ages and abilities. The themes include how dinosaurs survived, related to each other and adapted to change. The contents have been approved by experts. The time for playing varies from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the number of players. A detailed teacher guide is available to incorporate the game into the classroom. Many suggested activities are provided that are also useful for home. Bilingual versions are available. A good game for the whole family.

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