Dr. Toy: Games

Time indoors and away from TV is the perfect time for games of all kinds. Children learn a lot about strategy when they play. They improve social play skills as they learn to win, lose and keep on playing gracefully. There are many important lessons. They will gain a lot of understanding playing games. Games help your child build confidence. Try some of the games Dr. Toy mentions and watch what your child does. Observe your child at play and help him learn to win or even lose

Dish It Up! (ages 4-8 yrs.) $16.00,
This is a terrific memory , math and matching lotto game for two to four players. Set in a restaurant the action centers on serving customers quickly and keeping cash as tips. Contents of game include tiles( with the cooks, customers, food and special dollars and guest checks). The objective of the game is to collect $5 in tips and also avoid any unhappy customers. A good anytime fun activity.

Rat-A-Tat Cat (ages 8-12 yrs.) $10.00,
A great memory card game for three to six players. The objective is to remember the numbers on other cards, keep or discard cards and to leave the game with the lowest score. Playing time is about 20 minutes, with plenty of fun, skill, memory and strategy. Cartoon like illustrations of the personable cats and rats are bright and very well done. Great fun to take along a trip.

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Destination Graduation (ages 6-12 yrs.) $19.95,
A special game to assist parents and children to talk together about the importance of education and life. The game board and question cards will help to talk about all sorts of situations. Well-illustrated, the game asks many questions such as, "What does a stranger look like?" "What are five things a person needs to lead a good life?" Game encourages sharing ideas and feelings. All of these games are of value.

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