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Dr. Toy: How To Get Rid of Toys

My 3-year old son has too many toys, but doesn't want to get rid of any -- even those he doesn't play with. Should I involve him in getting rid of toys?

You can involve your 3-year-old in sorting the toys, putting them in boxes, and choosing his favorites. Check to see if anything is broken and get rid of them right away.

While your child is napping, pack up the items he is not using -- those can be given away or donated. Recycle toys, letting your child play with a few at a time and exchanging them for "fresh" ones on a regular basis.

Children who have too many toys out all the time don't really play with them -- they get easily overwhelmed, the play area gets cluttered, and the mess can be dangerous.

Play with your child and see what they are most interested in using.

Hope this helps. Let me know what happens. For further information, check out my book:

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