Dr. Toy: Make and Learn

Children want and need new challenges to help them develop and build new skills. Learning new skills often incorporates several areas of development. Making things that can be displayed are a big plus for building self-esteem. Things like decorations, model cars, planes and boats or dollhouses can be placed on a shelf or a wall or hung from the ceiling. Your child will be able to point with pride to something they made. Often your child will want to lean more about the item and will enjo

Dr. Toy responds to the parent with a ten year old girl who constantly complains that there is nothing to do. Dr. Toy suggests that you take your child to the local Public Library and obtain a card. There are many excellent books that will give her endless suggestions for things to do. Gently suggest craft books, cooking or science projects that may be of interest. These activities will benefit her by learning to do new things and will add to her skills.She may also find reading a worthwhile activity by itself.

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