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Board games stimulate thinking and conversation and that is important. Play simple and fun games with your child so they experience lots of playtime and opportunities to laugh and learn. Enjoy a variety of activity games such as singing the alphabet, counting finding objects with the same color and finding the same objects and shapes in your house. Reinforce child's learning with games and other ways to make learning a natural part of their everyday experiences.

These games selected by Dr. Toy are among the 100 Best and will be challenging and fun for your child.

Tic Tac Twice - Aristoplay (7-12, $12) 800-634-7738.Children learn through games and luckily this unique game will help them better understand math concepts, logic, and critical thinking. Colors, shapes, pattern recognition and strategies will and sharpen up math abilities.

I Spy Memory Game - Briarpatch (4-12,$19.95) 800-232-5474. Sixty memory cards with 15 riddle cards makes this an enjoyable game to play. Searching for cards that match objects and move on to matching riddles.

.First Animal Game - First Years (18mos.-5,$9.99)800-533-6708. Two puzzle boards in the shape of a barn, eight animal pieces and a spinner that makes the sounds of the animals. The youngest child can learn the basics of games, taking turns and interacting with others.

Lucky Ducks - Milton Bradley (3-8, $18) 413- 525- 6411. Real quacking sounds on these 12 yellow ducks as they swim around on the pond waiting to be placed on their nests. Color matching teaches children to remember. Memory skills are easy when its fun.

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? - Great American Puzzle Factory (4-8, $11.95)800-922-1194. This colorful, sturdy puzzle and guide book helps the child to learn the states plus match pictures and geography facts. Special disappearing ink adds mystery.

Sports Dynasty - Sports Dynasty (8-12.$24.95) 800-656-GAME(4263). Players begin as owners of four professional teams in four sports, football, baseball, basketball, hockey and the owners compete for trophies as they try to build a dynasty. They trade players, bid for superstars and cope with injuries.

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