Dr. Toy: Software Skills

Software can be used to help children learn new skills like the alphabet, typing, math, grammar, spelling and many more skills. It can be a lot of fun for the child and a good way to practice what they know. Skills can be strengthened when the child gets to play appropriate games that help them reinforce what they are learning. Select some of these software programs to help your child gain confidence in their own abilities. Let us know what works for your child.

A to Zap (ages 3-6 yrs.) $34.95.
1- 800-786-3155.
Excellent product with 26 different activities, one for each letter of the alphabet. There are animation and musical aspects to assist the child. Learning letters, numbers, shapes, and colors are fun with this well produced product. In addition the child will gain understanding of opposites, matching and memory. This software will help child to better recognize letters and words. This program will help to expand the child's learning process.

Type to Learn (ages 8-14 yrs.) $34.95.
1- 800-786-3155.
This is a very important skill for children to learn. This program will make learning to type easier. A very effective program containing 22 step by step lessons helps students gain skills in spelling, grammar and other communication skills including composition and punctuation. In addition, the child will gain useful facts about geography, astronomy and other information. Six games are also included. All children need to learn to type to succeed in today's world.This classroom tested program has proven its value. Perfect summer time activity.

Knowledge Adventures
Jump Start Preschool (ages 2-4 yrs.) $35.00,
1- 800-542-4240.
For the child ready to move ahead to prepare for the year ahead this program will introduce them to a lot of the skills they will need. The program includes three levels of difficulty of reading, memory skills, numbers and auditory discrimination. Use of bright colors, sounds and animation adds to the enjoyment. They have animal friends to make learning more fun. Ten songs are included.

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