Dr. Toy: Video Stories

A great way to get children to read more is to introduce them to videos that are based on books. They can read the book first, see the video and then read the book again. They will begin to understand the differences by their experiences. Selecting good videos is made easier by going to a company you can depend on for high quality like Children's Circle/ Weston Woods. They have built a large collection of videos of all kinds that are used in schools and in the home.

Your child will enjoy Summer time even more if they are reading and watching worthwhile videos on hot afternoons when they need to rest from being outdoors. Here is a great suggestion for a high quality video selection.

Children's Circle
Amazing Grace and Other Stories (ages 5-8 yrs.) $14.95
800-KIDS-VID (543-7843)
A high quality product brings delightful books to life. The first is the story of Grace who learns she can be whatever she wants to be. She tries out for the role of Peter Pan in a school play and gets the part even though her friends try to discourage her. Other stories include "Flossie and the Fox", "Who's in Rabbit's House?"(animated and narrated by actor James Earl Jones). A great addition to this company's series of fine children's videos.

Dr. Toy responds to the parent who reports that her 11 year old son is easily bored and does not know how to occupy his time with activity of interest to him.
Dr. Toy suggests finding out what he likes to do best. He may like to make things, read, draw or try something that he has never done before. This is the time children learn by exploring all sorts of new possibilities. He may need help to focus until he finds interests that will capture his interests.

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