Dr. Toy: Best Video Tapes

Ever wonder what to do for your child as an alternative to terrible programs on television? Find a a perfect program every time with well produced, entertaining, educational and commercial free video tapes. There are more great videos available these days than ever before. The tapes can frequently be replayed. Encourage your child to share his thoughts about what he is watching. Maybe he has questions or wants to learn more. Tapes are easy to store and can be of real value to your child's growing interests. These tapes offer learning, new perspectives and expanded interests.

3M, Scotch Just for Kids Video Tape (2-12,$3.99) 800-416-4061. Blank video tape designed for kids that can be used for over 250 playbacks. Clearly marked so as not to be mixed in with others. The sleeve can be customized by crayons, markers and stickers included in box.

William Steig Library Children's Circle, (3-12, $14.95) 800-KIDS-VID. Animated illustrations on a 52 minute video based on four books that tell of magic, courage and determination by well-known New Yorker cartoonist and children's author/illustrator, William Steig. Narrated by actor, John Lithgow, plus a 7-minute author interview.

I Want To Be A Ballerina,Clayton Productions. (3-11, $14.95) 800-700-8622. Enter magical world of toe shoes, costumes, rehearsals and dancing with a 30-minute video that teaches the basics of ballet while The Nutcracker ballet unfolds.

Beakman's Video Science Activity, ExploraToy. (8-12, $12.99) 800-995-9290. Assist your child in practicing and understanding basic science principles with 22-minute video tape from T.V.'s popular "Beakman's World," plus activity cards and equipment for experiments.

Born Wild, MDP Worldwide. (5-12, $19.95) 310-226-8326. Brooke Shields jumps into action to save two suddenly orphaned leopard cubs she discovers on a documentary film assignment in South Africa and works with John Varty, who filmed the mother leopard for 12 years.

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