Dr. Toy: What's Right for Baby?

New babies need stimulation, entertainment, and safety. Parents are the baby's “First Big Toy.” Talk, laugh, sing, play games, and have lots of fun together. Add some special items to your baby’s experiences when he or she is ready. Select those products carefully.

The mobile with bright colors will help baby focus and provide stimulation in the crib. The rattle will get his attention. The rubber ducky will ease baby's bath time and make it more fun. Check out the wonderful soft and washable stuffed animals. Add a music box or tapes and a tape recorder when you want baby to relax and fall asleep.

As babies get older and more coordinated, they're ready for toys that offer more interaction. A mirror is fun. Cloth blocks will be eagerly gripped and will provide easy exercise. A crib gym builds small muscles. A Flutter Ball or Chimeball will amuse and focus attention. When children are up and walking, they will happily use push-and-pull toys. Shape-sorting boxes teach eye-hand skills. Look for quality products such as those by Brio, Fisher-Price, Playskool, and Tiny Love.

Examine the product’s box for its tested, recommended age range. Be sure your baby is ready for the product. You can find more about the best new toys for babies by frequently reviewing Dr. Toy’s Guide.

Watch as the baby reaches. Always make sure there are no dangerous small pieces, loose ties, or ribbons. Don't let an older child give the baby a small object. Keep the space around your baby safe at all times.

The right toys at the right time will help your baby grow up happy and healthy.

Let’s play!

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