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Bill Cosby’s PicturePages Named Best Educational Product of 2002


Learning Series Wins Coveted Dr. Toy Award as One of Year’s Outstanding Children’s Products

Baltimore, MD – October 28, 2002 – ‘Bill Cosby’s PicturePages – Early Learning Readiness SeriesÒ’ has been named one of the ‘Ten Best Educational Products of 2002,’ and among the ‘100 Best Children’s Products of 2002’ by noted child development authority Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Toy), Director of the Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco.  Winners of the 11th annual awards were carefully chosen from the hundreds of children’s products entered.  Some of the criteria used to determine winners were educational value, development of learning skills, good value for the price, fun, creativity, age-appropriateness, cultural and ethnic diversity, and improvement in the understanding of the community and the world. 


Developed by PicturePages Partnership LLC, an award-winning interactive educational company dedicated to developing the learning readiness skills of children, Bill Cosby’s PicturePages – Early Learning Readiness Series, is based on the popular television show, ‘Bill Cosby’s PicturePages.’  The widely acclaimed, award-winning show was hosted by Mr. Cosby from 1978-1992, and watched by over 85 million children on Captain Kangaroo and Nickelodeon.  PicturePages Partnership has digitized and converted select episodes into entertaining and highly interactive educational games available on CD-ROM, DVD, or for play on the Internet at 


“This exciting and fun new product helps children develop early learning reading and readiness skills as well as a positive attitude towards learning,” says Dr. Toy.  “In addition, its unique evaluation engine analyzes a child’s development from the perspective of well-respected child developmental research.”  Dr. Toy developed her awards program as a service to consumers who seek to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented, and stimulating toys and products for children.  The report on the awards is available in Dr. Toy’s magazine, ‘Dr. Toy's Guide,’ and on the Web at


Readiness Series, build self-esteem and develop, test, and evaluate the cognitive skills of children ages three through six.  An innovative developmental evaluation engine in the games based on the cognitive model of development originated by the renowned psychologist Jean Piaget provides parents, caregivers, and educators with a report on a child’s performance that they can use to gauge each child’s developmental level. 


“To be named by Dr. Toy as one of the year’s best educational products, and one of the top children’s products overall, is testament to the positive impact on learning and child development of Bill Cosby’s PicturePages,” said Bernard F. McCrory, Senior Partner, PicturePages Partnership LLC.  “The innovative developmental evaluation engine in the games means that while kids have fun and learn, caregivers and educators receive valuable information about each child’s development.”


For 25 years the original PicturePages has provided a strong foundation for learning for children in the areas of reading, math, science, and health.  Top educators nationwide, such as the National Education Association (NEA), recommended the original PicturePages television series.  The concept behind, and approach of, the television series is exactly the same in the computer version of the games.  Children may also choose the original method of learning through watching the shows on VHS, and using PicturePages activity books and playbooks to play along with Mr. Cosby.  


Online subscriptions to ‘Bill Cosby’s PicturePages – Early Learning Readiness Series,’ are available at for $29.95.  The series can also be ordered online on CD-ROM or DVD, starting at $29.95, or on VHS with an accompanying PicturePages  playbook starting at $12.95.  Orders may be placed by phone by dialing 1-877-774-2887.  Bill Cosby’s PicturePages is fun for children with serious objectives; to educate, entertain and evaluate.  Look for more from Bill Cosby’s PicturePages soon.


About PicturePages Partnership LLC

PicturePages Partnership LLC is an award-winning interactive educational company dedicated to developing the learning readiness skills of children.  The company’s interactive educational game series build self-esteem and stimulate the development of the cognitive skills of children ages three through twelve in a variety of disciplines.  The games are based on the widely acclaimed, popular television show, ‘Bill Cosby’s PicturePagesÒ,’ which was hosted by Mr. Cosby from 1978-1992 and watched by over 85 million children.  For sales or information, PicturePages Partnership can be reached at (410) 296-4115, or via the Web at  The company’s headquarters are located at 1416 Clarkview Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21209.


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