Great work, Michael

From: Stevanne Auerbach
To: Michael Moore
Date: Sun 10/27/2002
Subject: Great work

Hello Michael
Congrats on the great documentary Bowling for Columbine you have brought to all of us. Great work!!!

The audience applauded in our theatre here in Berkeley (and elsewhere) as I found out last night at an event. I went around spreading the word to everyone I talked to.

Now will you please produce the transcript of the film. I (and I am sure many others) want to read it again to review the text more closely. People were laughing a lot and I missed details of many statements that were made.

You are a courageous and creative man--an unbeatable combination

Thank you for taking my concerns for so long and putting them out there for everyone to see.

When I had the toy museum in SF a child was shot by the cops because he was playing with a toy gun. We held an event where the children brought their toy guns and we gave them Hula Hoops. It was great to see the contrasts in the children's play.

I wanted the toy company owner (one of the richest men in SF, heir to a huge sugar fortune) to give a 1000 hoops, but he said he would only provide a 100 because he did not want to protest against another toy manufacturer.

We went ahead and still had a great event, but that rich man who was so resistant learned a hard lesson. Within a year his step son killed a man on Market street with his car while under the influence of PCB. and then tried to run away.

I protested for years about toy guns. Finally we were succesful to get legislation passed to stop realistic toy guns being sold, but not before many children were killed playing with real guns thinking they are toys. Great to see the toy guns in the movie at the start. Toys reflect society.

Yesterday there was a huge rally in SF for peace, and a few weeks ago a rally was held in London. "Give peace a chance" (maybe) but first Congress just passed the largest military budget of all time.

Bless you for your inspiration.
Great to see your work
Please produce the book soon

Stay safe and let us know when you are in the Bay area again.


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