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Toy Inventors - Take Your Toy Concept To The Next Level

Have a professional evaluation of your toy concept. Receive expert advice on your toy concept and also receive an inventor's guide and toy inventing workbook along with an idea submission agreement.

Special Discount for inventors referred from Dr. Toy. The actual retail value for this service is $500.00 for evaluation, professional guidance, and materials. You save $300.00 with the referral from Dr. Toy. Dr. Toy, however, is not responsible for anything that the Toy Evaluation Coordinator provides, and is not involved in this process and services offered. If you have any complaints or compliments or sugestions you may write to Dr. Toy to share with her at any time. Dr. Toy wants to assist toy inventors and is providing this service as a resource.

Take advantage of this special opportunity to have your concept evaluated by a professional with fifteen years of product development experience in the industry.

Once you have sent in your check for $199.00 you will receive invaluable materials that enable you to submit your concept for a professional evaluation with guidance.

Special Discount from Dr. Toy. The actual retail value for this service is $500.00 for evaluation time, professional guidance, and materials. You save $300.00. You will receive the following:

1) Inventor's Guide 2) Idea Submission Agreement 3) Toy Inventor's Workbook Upon reviewing and signing the Idea Submission Agreement (ISA) you will mail in the signed ISA and your toy concept for your professional evaluation. 4) Professional Evaluation with Guidance (please allow 4 to 6 weeks)


List Of Services:

Product Concept Review
Evaluation Criteria:

1. Concept
2. Category
3. Point-Of-Difference
4. Playability
5. Target Market
6. Age Appropriateness
7. Strategy
8. Benefits
9. Advantages
10. Relevance
11. Provocative
12. Innovative
13. Function
14. Fun
15. Line Extensions
16. Packaging
17. Promise

1. Design
2. Engineering
3. Benefits
4. Advantages
5. Relevance
6. Innovative
7. Function
8. Suggested Retail

1. Needs Further Work
2. Show

All this for only $199.00

About the Workbook:
New Toys-New World: How To Invent Toys And Transform The World, is a book about the power of toys. It is a book for: parents, inventors, teachers, designers, and for anyone who was ever curious about this 17 billion dollar industry. Ever had an idea for a new toy? You will enjoy this blueprint for creative thinking about toys. Learn about the toy industry. Read it as a primer to understand the basic steps necessary to preparing a new toy for market from concept to prototype to presentation to fat royalty check!

Priceless Information:
Especially valuable to new toy inventors who expect to show their work is the vital information about toy company executives, and the sections on: intellectual property protection, prospecting appropriate toy companies, networking, sales, sales calls and follow-up, researching toy companies, product research, marketing your invention, and new product presentations.

Even More:
The book is chock full of creativity exercises to help unleash the brilliant inventor inside you. Profoundly interesting are the sections which offer new definitions of toys and pose the question, what do toys really mean to our future? Dare to examine the meaning behind toys. Is there enormous potential for destruction or wonderful potential in new toys? A timely question to ponder in light of today's epidemic of violence among youth and in schools. transform the future? Toys just may hold the key to help us create a better world. Are toys really models of the future as the author suggests? Might new toys possess properties to help transform the future? Toys just may hold the key to help us create a better world.



A. Introduction
B. What's A Toy?
C. Do You Think You Have A New toy?
D. Information Resources
E. Toy Product Categories
F. Nuts 'n Bolts
1. Toys
2. Toy Manufacturers
3. Trade Publications
4. Toy Stores
G. What About Patents?
H. Criteria For New Product Evaluation
1. Zen of Wow
2. First Things First
3. Toy Inventing
J. Inventing Exercises
K. Prime Your Mind
L. Computing
M. Reality Check
A. What To Do If You Run Into A Dinosaur
B. Product Safety
C. Sales objections
D. Presentations
E. Porsche Vs. Poverty
F. The Homeless Toy Inventor's Guide
G. Prime your Mind
H. Creativity Management
J. Sales management
K. Intelligent Meetings
L. Sample Marketing Plan
A. The Business Of Fun
B. Kids Vote
C. Reptiles Rule!
D. The Future: Transformed

Eric Frydler, is a writer, toy inventor and futurist. As part of the research and development team at Mattel, Toys Inc., he helped develop such mega-hits as, "He-Man, Masters of the Universe", "She-ra, Princess of Power", and numerous other multi-million dollar Mattel Toy product hits. Mr. Frydler has contributed his inventions to over a dozen companies. Currently, he has a half dozen new toy inventions with The L.L. Knickerbocker Company. Mr. Frydler is Founder & Creator of, Toymorrow, a design and development toy company. He lives in San Diego, California with three-time TOBY Award winning designer, Stephanie Daniels and their cats, Bodhi and Tyger, and a house filled with new toys.

Please mail your $199.00 check or money order only to:

Eric Frydler, Coordinator
Toy Evaluation
P.O. Box 91429
San Diego, California 92169

You will be sent an idea submission agreement, toy inventor's guide and toy inventor's workbook. Then, mail in the Idea Submission Agreement with your toy concept info. You will receive your detailed evaluation with guidance in 4 to 6 weeks.

Good luck!

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