Best 100 Toy Winner - 1999

Rainbow Line


Whacky Music

Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes

3 - 12 years  


Ph: 520-282-3860

Craig Ramsell is the inventor of a new percussion instrument called the Boomwhacker. Boomwhackers are brightly-colored plastic tubes tuned to the length of musical notes. Each one has a unique sound and range in size from 12 inches to 24 inches tall. Professional percussionists in performance have used them. Boomwhackers can form a 2-octave range when two or more sets are combined. The sets vary from C major Pentatonic Scale for young children to C Major Diatonic Scales of 8 notes that are preferred by music educators. Boomwhackers produce sounds when tubes are struck against hand, table, floor, or by another object such as a stick or mallet. They are portable, durable, easy and fun to play. They can be played solo or in a group. There are a variety of sets to choose from, plus accessories like a new cap that lowers the pitch by an octave.

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