Best Classic Toys - 1999



Discovery Toys
Giant Pegboard


19 months  - 5 years


Ph: 800 426-4777

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This Giant Pegboard toy is a classic product to teach children matching and sequencing. These are large colorful pegs that are easy to stack. Your child will practice coordination, finger dexterity, eye-hand and fine motor coordination. They will also learn color matching and sequences. It also encourages them to play different color patterns. It has a reverse side that can be used. You can also add colored string or rubber bands to create specific designs. If the product needs to be adapted, you can tie fabric or tape around the peg to make it easier to grasp. There are 25 pegs in 5 colors offered on a pegboard that is 10 square. There's a parent booklet included. The directions take a parent through the different steps for manipulating objects to identifying colors, to stacking, design patterns, and building towers.

This product was first offered in 1988, which makes it a winner in our selection of products that have been available for 10 years or more. Kudos to Lane Nemeth who has been successful at reaching parents through her Discovery Toys Educational Consultants. Discovery Toys was established when she wanted to provide her child with more learning opportunities through play. She recognized the importance of the windows of learning opportunity. She understood that learning development takes place early. The toys she has offered provide a range of products from baby to older children with a good variety of activities of all kinds.

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