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Dimensions / Perler

Box of Beads

  • Activity Product
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Construction
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills
  • Novelty
Ages: 5 - 15 years

Price: $14.00

Phone: 800-523-8452

Year Introduced: 1981

Perler's Box of Beads makes for an interesting and fun activity. The basic set contains 4,000 beads They provide children with many opportunities for creativity, for learning colors and shapes, and for developing fine motor skills.

The beads can be formed into patterns and then fused into shapes. The instructions allow the child to make animals and other shapes, like hearts or rainbows, fishes or flowers. The beads can also be made into picture frames, jewelry, and magnets.

The pegboards that are included are reusable. The colored beads provided include bright colors such as green, blue, purple, orange and white.

The box includes many different design shapes that allow the child to get great ideas. It is perfect for making Christmas tree ornaments, or items to decorate a child's room, or art projects to be given as gifts.

There are many other projects that can be made. There is an instruction book available that offers over 200 ideas.

This is a great project for children any time of the year. This toy is ideal for children between 5 and 15. They are not to be used for children under the age of three.

Perler was founded in 1981. They make other products, including jump ropes and pinwheels.

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