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Oddz On


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Ages: 3 - 7 years

Price: $19.99

Phone: 800-755-6674

Year Introduced: 1913

The Tinkertoy was introduced in 1913 by Charles Pajeau. He was inspired by his children who built structures by sticking pencils into empty spools of thread.

Pajeau modified the design to create a shorter wheel-like spool with a series of holes running around the edge. The interest in Tinkertoy was instant at Toy Fair 1914 where they built an elaborate display in New York's Grand Central Station.

Millions of Tinkertoy building sets have been sold since then, and building with Tinkertoy has become a staple of childhood.

Tinkertoy has gathered a loyal following, and at long last, the original wooden Tinkertoy will be back in production this year.

The Oddz On Tinkertoys are made of wood and come with accessories such as plastic flags. The string included can be used to make pulleys. They will be packaged in the hallmark cardboard canister, complete with metal top and bottom.

The Tinkertoy building sets enjoyed for over 86 years will now be able to be enjoyed again.

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