Vacation Toys 2000

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  • Board Game

Price: $23.95

Ages: 7-12 yr

Phone: 877-426-3757

This is a wonderful new board game that has whale illustrations on the box and game board. There is a folding game board, one deck of 120 cards, play pieces that are 22 red barnacles and 22 yellow barnacles, 2 dice and rules to play. The playing board shows two major types of whales. As you advance you learn more about the whales how they feed, how they behave, how they stay warm and how they use bubbles to catch food. Two players are more can play the game. It was designed in Alaska and it has a great value to it. The information helps children understand these mammals. Both the Baleen and Toothed Whales are represented. You fill up your whale with the barnacles, based on the roll of the dice. The result is an educational experience.

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