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EDC Publishing

Book of Magic Tricks

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Ages: 10-12 years

Price: $9.95

Phone: 800-475-4522

Year Introduced: 1991

EDC Publishing Book of Magic Tricks

This book is perfect for Harry Potter enthusiasts, and any child who wants to learn magic. The 64 page book provides provides step-by-step instructions. This book is packed with tricks, jokes, and puzzles. The tricks use playing cards, die, coins and other available props. Everything is explained in detail with easy to follow instructions. There are cartoons to help make the best of every trick such as the disappearing scarf trick. The tricks can be learned and performed anywhere. It is probably a good idea to work with your child to make sure they understand the directions, and to make sure they have all of the basic supplies. The book includes a list of supplies and other information. The Book also comes in a Kid Kit set ($15.95) that includes a magic wand, a deck of cards,a silk scarf and die. Children will enjoy using the wand. It will stimulate his imagination and sense of fun.Your young magician will be able to develop tricks and Illusions.

In 1973, Peter Usborne made a decision to transform books. He wanted to make books engaging and reduce kids focus on TV and comic books. His goal was to make writing interesting to children, and illustrations captivating. The books he published would make learning and reading fun. The result is a large range of books that are well organized and provide a great deal of information. Usborne books cover a whole range of information for all ages. In 1997 Forbes Magazine recognized this company as one of the 200 best small companies in America. Originally in 1965 it began developing curriculum materials. In 1978 the publishing division was created to distribute the children's books. A home business division was started in 1989. One of the unique products that they created is "Kid Kits" with everything packaged in a reusable vinyl bag. There are 40 different kinds of kid kits available.

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