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Golden Books

A Little Golden Book Classic:
The Fire Engine Book

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Ages: 3 - 8 years

Price: $2.99

Phone: 888-317-4311

Year Introduced: 1942

Golden Books Fire Engine Book

Your child will enjoy reading the excitement of the big red fire engine and hearing the "clang clang." He will follow the story as he looks at the bright illustrations that take the child on the job of the fireman as he does his daily work. He will watch the men load up the hook and ladder, and ride off to put out the fire, hooking up the hose, and saving a puppy by jumping into the net. The excitement will expand if you take the time to stop by at a real fire house and show your child what the red truck looks like up close. The book is easy to hold, to read aloud, and will delight your child from start to finish.

This is one of several Little Golden Book Classics, which are keepsake editions of the best Little Golden books ever published. You will provide your child important learning to read experiences. You can select from a wide range of other stories including The Pokey Little Puppy, Richard Scarry's Good Night, Little Bear; The Lion's Paw; Animal Orchestra; The Good Humor Man and the Little Red Hen. Golden Books Family Entertainment is the leading children's book publisher providing entertainment and educational products for children of all ages.

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