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Coin Abacus

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Electronic
  • Travel
Ages: 4-10

Price: $39.95

Phone: 800-373-3333 x189

ParentBanc Coin Abacus

The company offers a wide variety of excellent products to help children understand money. This new product is similar to a traditional abacus. It was developed to play games and teach children to count money, by sliding coins and dollars. There is a large LCD screen to keep a running total as the coins and dollars slide across the abacus. Thereís a headphone jack and AC adapter. There are sound and voice prompts, volume control, and automatic shut-off, and complete instruction booklet. You can add or subtract by sliding the coins. This is a great product for children to use to learn how to count money. Itís practical, entertaining, and easy to take along. The whole product can be carried with the child on a trip. They can practice their skills while listening and will not disturb anyone else in the car. Batteries are included.

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