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Borderline Games

Borderline USA Edition

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
Ages: 8-12

Price: $9.95

Phone: 973-761-6260

Borderline Games Borderline USA Edition

This product will delight your child and help them learn geography. The game is a pack of quality bright-colored cards, painted on one side with a single state map, and on the other side, the portion of the map of the United States. The game is about state locations and borders. When you begin the game the players are dealt a hand of cards, the map side is down. The challenge is to get rid of them by playing them on states that they border. It is fast and helps the child easily learn geography. The first players who get rid of all the cards win. It is easy to play. It is a great game to take along on a trip, as the child will learn more about this country.

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