Best Classic Toys 2003

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Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

My First Pet

  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 6-8

Price: $18.50

Phone: 800-995-9290

Year Introduced: 1960

Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys My First Pet

My First Pet is a unique introduction to pet care in general and Sea Monkeys. Teach your child responsibility by preparing them to understand how to take care of a pet. This product will help your child to learn how to be a responsible pet owner. It also explains how to take care of the instant colony of pets. Add the pouch containing eggs to water and they come to life. Once the eggs are added to the water, they will go through many stages of their life cycle. The owner’s manual provides a variety of activities such as help your child to learn word puzzles. There is also a glossary of words included. The complete set includes a pouch, water purifier, live eggs, feeding spoon, storage chest, and air pump, activity book, colored pencils, other instructions and a one year food supply.

The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys were originally introduced in 1960. Sea-Monkeys continue to hook the hearts and imaginations of children and adults today. In 2001 Educational Insights, the parent company, created an entirely separate division to focus on Sea-Monkeys. You can learn more about the Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys by visiting their website:

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