Best Vacation Toys 2003

Trend Enterprises

Transportation Pocket Flash Cards

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Transportation
Ages: 6-12

Price: $3.99

Phone: 800-860-6762

Year Introduced: 2002

 Trend Enterprises / Transportation Pocket Flash Cards

Ordinarily, flash cards are not very interesting but these are designed to be more fun while helping children to learn facts and practice skills. These portable flash cards are designed for durability and they can be used at home, in school, or on the go. Teachers expressed an interest in developing a way to introduce different forms of transportation. The photographs that are included are excellent and well produced plus there is historical information about many of the 27 vehicles. There is a game element that players can listen to the particular vehicle to try and figure out which vehicle it is. They can practice matching close-up images to the vehicles in the set. In this series, the 27 vehicle cards are filled with information, uses and history. The 27 close-up cards show small portions of the vehicle. There is one transportation activity card with ideas for learning and games. In all, there are 56 two-sided cards per pack.

Wipe-off activity books are among Trend Enterprisesí most popular products. The wipe-off surfaces make these books reusable, durable and special. There are plenty of activities in these books, including reading, math, puzzles, thinking, working and skill building exercises. Each book contains 16 pages that are user friendly, with teacher created puzzles and activities. These are great for taking along on any trip.

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