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Raggedy Ann

  • Doll
Ages: 3 - 12 years

Price: $22.00

Phone: 800-777-6990

Year Introduced: 1984

This is definitely one of the most enduring and delightful dolls. The 85th birthday of Raggedy Ann is being celebrated in the year 2000. To celebrate this event, Applause and its Dakin Signature Collection have released a special edition set. It includes a new version of Johnny Gruelle's and a 12-inch Raggedy Ann doll.

The doll wears a print dress, white apron, and red striped stockings. She has button eyes and a signature heart that says, "I Love You." This is a limited edition with a certificate of authenticity to go with the doll. Enjoy the doll and the book and bring back many happy memories, or create new ones.

You might also want to consider to keep Ann company. The dolls come in a variety of sizes: 8-inch, , 17-inch and .

An historical note in 1915 Johnny Gruelle painted his design for a rag doll and wrote the original stories. His wife made the doll and the rest is history.

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