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mini - Tegl

mini - Tegl

  • Construction
  • Creative Product
  • Doll House
  • Educational Skills
  • Hobby

4 - 12 years

Price: $35.00

Phone: 45 47-17-1190 (Denmark)

Year Introduced: 1981

In Danish the word TEGL means "real small tiles." These realistic looking building materials allow children to construct miniature buildings.

These hard, burned clay bricks are 1/10th scale. The mortar is made of vegetable and sand cement. The roofing materials combine natural stone and plants.

With TEGL it is possible to build houses, bridges, towers, a garden and more. Using the tiles, a child can make a dollhouse and many other structures. Bricks can be built with, then washed and used again.

This is a provocative and creative product that children can learn a great deal from using. By starting with the basic kit, the child can begin a great learning experience. This toy appeals to children of all ages as well as adult.

All of the materials are made in Denmark. Architect, Tommy Von Pein, established the TEGL company in 1983 based on his architectural interest. He wanted to expand on an antique brick toy first made in 1869.

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