Best Children's Products 2001

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Penguin Putnam Books

Cool Mad Libs

  • Book
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
Ages: 7-14

Price: $3.99

Phone: 800-788-6262

Penguin Putnam Books Cool Mad Libs

This popular product just keeps getting better. There are new designs; new characters and it can be played alone or with others. It helps children with grammar and is fun to use at home or at school. You will find stories containing blank spaces where words are left out. One player, the reader, selects one of these stories and does not tell anyone what the story is about. Instead, he/she asks the other players, the writers, to give him/her words. These words are used to fill in the blank spaces. The reader asks each writer to shout out an adjective, verb or noun and these words are used to fill in the blanks to the story. The result is a Mad Libs game. When the reader finishes reading the Mad Libs game to the other players, they discover that they have written a story that is funny, silly or just plain nonsense. They have fun while improving their language and creativity.

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